Breakfast Food Collection

In these three patterns, based on common breakfast foods and commodities, I wanted to utilize an emphasis on shapes, texturing, and soft rendering. I wanted to keep a consistent color trend in mind with these works, using  warm tones of red, yellows, and blues. I created this work to better mobilize the process of how I create line-less work. Not only did I want to create work that was more digital in nature, I wanted to refine my ability to create pattern work and improve on future projects through this venture.     

Pantone (Left to Right): 116 C, 137 C, 549 C, 1665 C, & 7674 C.

I wanted to create the first pattern with four different elements intermingled within each other. With the other two patterns, I wanted to focus more on a single element created from a combination of smaller elements. 

For these later patterns, I was influenced by patterns that utilize crest-like imagery in a repetitive form.

Pantone (Left to Right): 180 C, 486 C, 290 C, 380 C, & 667 C.

Pantone (Left to Right): 393 C, 7578 C, 710 C, 7620 C, & 7723 C.

I created mock - ups for the works to understand how they may look on products such as backpacks, sweaters, and socks. The general market I saw for these patterns were predominately for either the teenage demographic or for the young adult market. Since these design trends at the time of creating this pattern were popular in those groups. 

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