Fall Time Pattern

In early June of 2017, I was approached with an opportunity to create a pattern that would eventually be printed and incorporated into various items. With this collaboration with CatBox Art Studio, I wanted to work with limited colors and and emphasis on line work. In anticipation of when to launch the products, we discussed and agreed that the launch should be in early August and thematically the pattern should correlate with the season.

Both CatBox Art Studio and I agreed that the imagery should come from their signature icon of cats and a fall element. For the fall element, I paired the cats with a popular autumn drink: coffee. Along with some filigree to create better movement within the pattern, I created assets with these two objectives in mind. The colors chosen for the pattern work came from the Pantone Fall 2017 palette to incorporate marketability and connection to the season in the work. 

These are examples of the final products from my collaboration with CatBox Art Studio, culminating in various items such as covers for sketchbooks, backpacks, and pencil bags.

(Product Photos Courtesy of CatBox Art Studio © 2018 )

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