Background Color Work

For my first work as a colorist, I worked on the senior film Merge by Tam King. Along with helping to put the finishing touches on five different backgrounds, I also had the opportunity to create two abstract pieces to be included in the film.  The chance to be part of the film's production allowed me to learn aspects about this job I would have otherwise never known. 

Creating illustrations to be used as abstract environments for the film was interesting, since the cues I received for the design work came from production notes as well as shots from the storyboard. Along with this new experience of creating a piece lacking a specific focal point, the chance to use so many textures was a unique experience that allowed me to truly understand the frame work for creating such environments for animation. 

Both types of works I created for this film were an educational experience and helped to inform how I can incorporate my style of coloring and texture into other people's work. I also learned to hold back on details to allow for the animation to flow through the work without the colors or lighting distracting the final construction. 

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