Over the course of 2017 - 18, I worked along with Maxnee Morales on their film, Within.  Within is about a child of an entomologist who is afraid of bugs and their journey in conquering their fear. I worked alongside the crew, first creating concept art for the environments in the film, and then making other assets as time went on. These later works varied in nature from assets that would be included in the film itself to promotional material. 

Environment - Concept Work

These three environments are based on the prompts provided by the film crew. Two are meant to depict the "real" world, and the other is an insect world.

Utilizing the two different concepts, I wanted to create a series of works that are consistent in style while the difference is seen in the use of color and lighting. In the "real" world, the piece has a warm and inviting palette with radiating light. In contrast, the insect world is based more on colors that glow in the dark. Generally, I used hues of pinks and purple, with the light feeling like it is glowing rather than radiating. 

Further Collaboration and Work

The amount of collaboration I did with the film crew increased overtime, and I enjoyed the opportunities I was granted through this connection. Not only did my work become building blocks for creating the environments within the film, my work came to be included in the film itself. A few of these include the drawing created of the main character as well as artwork based on scientific drawings of bugs that were included int he father's work space.

With this work, I wished to continue using the same textures as my concept pieces as well as the colors that I had used in the environments. This continued even in the line-heavy illustrations I created of the bugs below, inspired by scientific illustrations. 

Exhibit A 

Exhibit B

Ending Credits

The collaboration concluded in my work in illustrating the credits. I created various assets of different bugs to animated by a motion media designer, as well as creating an environment for the scene to be enacted. The whole goal for the environment created was to depict a more friendly and warmer view of the insect world that the main character saw since they had overcome their fear of it. 

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